CIS 565: GPU Programming and Architecture

Fall 2015

University of Pennsylvania
Computer Graphics @ Penn

Student Projects

University of Pennsylvania

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Final Projects

Levi Cai CUDA-Accelerated Crowd Simulation using P-ClearPath with HRVO
Bradley Crusco
Megan Moore
Forward+ Renderer using OpenGL/Compute Shaders
Sanchit Garg
Dome Pongmongkol
Distributed CUDA Path Tracer
Siqi Huang
Ziye Zhou
CUDA GPU Cloth Simulation
Sally Kong
Terry Sun
WebGL Fragment Shader Profiler
Kangning Gary Li GPU Cloth with OpenGL Compute Shaders
Shuai Shrek Shao
Tongbo Sui
Unified Real-Time Particle Simulation in CUDA
Guan Sun CUDA-Accelerated Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Object Recognition
Zhimin Zhao CUDA-Accelerated Complex Procedural Terrains
Xinyue Zhu GLSL-Accelerated Path Tracer
Ziwei Zong WebGL 2 Cloth Simulation